Everything you need to maximise your new releases through online sales.

Take a look at some of the best practices for releasing new products on our site.

When you’re ready to release your product, it's important that you follow these steps in order so as not to lose any potential customers who would have seen your offer otherwise!

Step 1 - Picking a Date - Give Your Customers Time To Prepare.

The first and most important step is setting up an appropriate time frame before announcing the release date. This way people can plan ahead accordingly by creating budgets or making necessary arrangements prior to your announcement day/time which will help maximize sales from those planning on buying early or stocking up beforehand. For example: if someone knows there are items being released in November they could purchase them for Christmas presents.

Sauced.shop suggests giving 1 month's notice for new releases so you and your customers can prepare without being too far away from the release date.

Seasonal releases are important too, and not just the big four from the calendar. There are many other great seasons that deserve some love too - like truffle season, cricket season, festive season, etc etc. Niche seasons like this are great for creating new reasons for buyers to engage with your brand. Dave note: put a time limit on your promotional discounts/offers to feed FOMO.

Step 2 - Photography - What Do You Need?

Camera settings are a crucial part of releasing new products on sauced.shop, but it's important to strike the perfect balance between polished pictures and honest pictures. Studios are fantastic for high-resolution finals, but customers are more likely to engage with more casual photography on social media.

For sellers looking for tips on how best to showcase their product without going overboard with the camera and lighting setup, we recommend shooting in bright natural light- preferably outdoors during daytime hours when there is plenty of sunlight. While this might seem impractical at times due to unpredictable weather patterns (being near a window does not always produce enough daylight!), taking advantage of these conditions can make all the difference between being trendy yet tasteful or falling victim to too much glare that obscures details about your merchandise.

Hero Images

  • PNG with transparent background

  • PNG with own background (colour/shadow/backdrop/etc)

These images are best taken in a studio environment with professional lighting. However, if you don't have access to those resources or the time is limited it's okay to take these photos on your phone as long as there isn't too much glare and reflection from curved glass and reflective labels that will make them unusable for branding purposes.

The image below was taken using a backlit shelf, a desk lamp and a tripod from Kmart. Photo editing apps such as Canva allow you to remove the background and add your own.

Save hero images as .PNG files sized 1200x1200 px with a transparent background.
With a little creativity and colour, you can make your own perfect product photos. Using shadows to ‘place’ the bottle in an environment without hiring professionals or buying expensive equipment.

Box/ Unbox Images

  • Unboxing multi-shot story (1 series of 5-10 images)

  • “Just unboxed” detail shot

  • Time lapse/short movie

These are some of the many shots taken for this product. Some in its packaging, and others on a shelf or desk at different locations. The goal is to showcase how customers will receive it when they purchase from you.

Sauced recommends using natural light whenever possible, even if you have to go outside to do it (though be aware of the time of day). This gives your photos an airier feel than indoor shots with harsh fluorescent lights, which can make your product look unappealing. If there are no windows available and you need to use artificial light, try not to use any more than two lamps at once - one providing top-lighting from behind the subject matter and another providing top lighting from in front.

Sequential pics easily capture the unboxing experience.

Try to include as many photos of labels and up-close details for digital content. And try to get your pets in there, too! Remember: Person / Product / Pet. Once you are aware of this formula you’ll start seeing it everywhere. Try taking these on your phone in portrait mode (and avoid the selfie).

You can get creative with filters and effects to represent your brand.

A short movie of bottles either going in or coming out of the box. (Save this file as .GIF to make sure customers can see it without clicking it).

Give your customers a reason to get excited about receiving your new releases with short clips saved in.GIF format.

User-Generated Content

  • Real customers enjoying your product in bottle (2)

  • Real customer enjoying your product in glass (2)

User-generated content (UGC) is as old as human civilization. Since long before we had the Oxford English Dictionary or Letters to the Editor, people have been participating in public conversation and they're still doing it today. With digital forums, comments sections on blogs, and free publishing platforms like YouTube and Instagram stories, UGC has never been more popular than ever. It's a huge asset for any business that knows how to leverage this invaluable resource because consumers crave interaction with brands through their own experiences online.

Create your own honest UGC by asking loyal customers to participate, you’ll be surprised how keen they will be to be involved. Try to avoid staged photos and focus on capturing the true happiness of receiving your product. Crafting a narrative about their experience will make these shots even more engaging, and the truth is the perfect narrative. “this is [person’s name] super excited to receive our new [product name]”.

Optimise your UGC by asking your loyal customers for some happy snaps!


If you're comfortable with giving away some of your products as samples, giveaways are a great way to generate UGC from your loyal customers. The level of enthusiasm surrounding the products being given away will show through in your customers' posts - they more excited you are, the more excited they are!

Reaching out to your loyal followers makes it readily apparent that you value them. Customers who feel involved in the product in some way are great sources of free advertising. Examples include:

  • Rewarding previous purchases with a free sample of new release

  • Gifting samples to a local not-for-profit for fundraising/staff gifts

  • Offers to cater a customer event with your new product

Step 3 - Social Media Enhancement

Rest assured sauced.shop has your back with the hottest new releases! We will be promoting all of them through their social media platforms.

The sauced.shop team is dedicated to getting your new products out into the world in a way that helps you reach as many people with your ideas as possible, whether it be featured placement on the platform or providing promotion on Insta (@sauced_shop). We also provide hi-res images of sauced.shop products for use on digital content backgrounds or in other marketing campaigns. We're here for you every step of the way - please don't hesitate to ask us anything about how sauced.shop can help make your business more successful - your growth is our growth.

Tagging instagram posts allows that person to share your post or story, reaching more potential customers. When posting, make sure to tag us and anyone else you think would like to share your post.

Tag @sauced.shop and @dave.likeswine for social media re-sharing

Step 4 - Maximise Your Reach

What are your new releases about? Why should we care?

Conversational interviews are a great way to get started. It's as easy as answering a few simple questions. For example, what is the name of your product and when will it be released? This helps Google search results rank higher for you in SEO settings (Search Engine Optimization) and helps customers find your awesome new products.

You can create the basis of a Socal Media Release in minutes, even if you don't know how to write one! Simply answer the questions below in an email and send it to dave@sauced.shop -  we'll be happy to put together an interview-style post that's perfect for marketing on social media.

  • Intro - your reply to “gday, thanks for coming to chat with us”

  • What new releases do you have coming out?

(For each product)

  • What made you decide to make this wine?

  • What’s the most interesting thing to you about where the grapes come from? (Vineyard, climate, picking, agriculture, etc.)

  • How did you feel at the start of the vintage about this wine?

  • What are you most pleased with, now it’s being released?


  • How do these releases fit in with your plan for the future of your brand?

  • What do you have planned for your next release?

  • What are your hopes for the next 3 vintages?

Whether it’s a new product line, a revamped website or your social media strategy, preparing is key to success. Follow our 4 Steps For A Successful New Release to optimise your exposure and what tools you can use during the process. If have any suggestions we should add about getting ready for launch day, please get intouch.