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About Us

Our mission.

Sauced is the global marketplace platform for small, independent liquor producers. It’s our way to shine a light on special, hand-made products and the dedicated and talented people who make them.

The hospitality industry is built on care. For our customers, for our venues, and for our products. In a digital landscape - accelerated by COVID19 - it is our mission to keep human connection at the heart of hospitality. That’s why we built a place to support the people who care deeply about the product they make. We are dedicated to showcasing our community of producers and supporting the growth of their business - in any way we can think of. Our platform will connect them with millions of buyers looking for something special with a human touch.

As a company we strive to help spread ideas of cultural and environmental sustainability and operate by our guiding principles:

  • We champion inclusiveness.
  • We connect to our community.
  • We minimise waste.
  • We celebrate enthusiasm.
  • We lead with optimism.

As people sauced has three values that guide our approach (spoiler: they all kinda revolve around striving to be better humans):

  1. Environmentally Sustainable: Reject common ideas that do no good for the environment, like soil degradation or throwing plastic at turtles. 
  2. Financially Sustainable: Be innovative, support the innovation of others, and share everything. Long term relationships are more important than short-term gains.
  3. Culturally Sustainable: Grow together with our community, both physical and digital. Add value to the industry as a whole and in turn we will all benefit. 

Dave (likes wine)

I'm Dave Hynes, I've spent 15 years in hospitality mopping floors and writing beverage lists. I love working as a bartender, waiter, manager, and owner - I even get a kick out of washing dishes for a few days (it's very cathartic). I've been lucky to work with some amazing people who have guided me on a path to constant innovation and improvement. New ideas are vital to keep our industry moving forward. 

Hospitality is changing - I believe for the better. We have access to more information, more products and more expert opinion, than ever before in history. We have the opportunity to make positive and lasting changes to the way we do business. is our way to reach our goal of a sustainable future for our industry. 

Tim (likes people)

I'm Tim Percy. I started in hospitality more than 15 years ago, moving from picking up beers in clubs, managing and opening venues to roasting and delivering wholesale coffee. Then I moved to human-centred design.

What is that? I get that all the time. It's a way of thinking about the intersection of people, place, and process - how we use certain places to get certain jobs done. Digital spaces are no different - we create an experience that's enjoyable to use and achieves the outcomes we want. 

We analyse data and research and embed design strategies to give the best customer experience to our vendors our customers and their customers. Everyone benefits when we make these tools available to everyone in an inclusive platform.