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The Little General

2022 Rise Nero D'Avola Pet Nat

2022 Rise Nero D'Avola Pet Nat

2021 Qvevri Moscato Giallo

Sustainably farmed Moscato Giallo from the Chalmers Heathcote vineyard.

Picked at 11.2 Baume for the love of acid. Semi carbonic maceration for 8 days then pressed to buried Qvevri for 9 months.

Low alcohol tropical summer fun, drink it at the beach for maximum enjoyment.

Unfiltered, unfined, vegan. 10 parts sulphur added at bottling

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2022 YELLOW ADAPTION - Moscato Giallo
2021 Qvevri Moscato Giallo is available to buy in increments of 6

The Adaption vineyard is a tiny 2-acre organically farmed plot in Harcourt sitting around 400m above sea level just adjacent to Mount Alexander. The Syrah vines are just under 30 years old, on their own roots and currently dry grown with no sprays, herbicides, fertilisers or pesticides used at any time. We leave the grass to grow long right up until harvest when it is slashed to enable more comfortable picking free of snake scares. Consisting of decomposed granite soils with enormous blocks standing out in bold relief scattered throughout the vineyard. This fruit is just so special, it's all about the granite!

All Adaption wines are fermented in imported Georgian Qvevri buried in Harcourt 5 minutes up the road from the Adaption vineyard. Georgia's winemaking heritage goes back 8,000 years (well before western Europe even thought of turning grapes into wine) and centres on the Qvevri, a cavernous terra-cotta pot shaped like an egg, lined with beeswax and buried to the mouth underground.

Our Qvevri are made by the renowned master Zaliko Bojadze in Imereti Georgia. We use pumps only when absolutely necessary and all our wines are hand bottled, corked and labelled. Our production is very small. We love the Qvevris, they have a special energy that produces unique tasting wines. I was once told Qvevris are wombs and the gestation (fermentation) period is 9 months. So that’s how we do it!  

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Wine Region Victoria
Liquor License 33771545
Occasion Sip, Smash
Wine Tags Exciting, Low Sulphur, Sustainable Practices, Vegan
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