Free Retail Shipping to Melbourne Metro!

Sell wholesale online easily.

WHY US? is a unique service offering a digital marketplace and physical logistics solution to increase visibility, simplify shipping and reduce admin time and costs for independent producers.


What We Offer

Who We Are

  • Independent producers and exclusive importers only.

  • Melbourne and Brisbane warehouse and order fulfillment service.

  • Control online wholesale sales from a single dashboard.

  • Personal customer support - speak directly with co-founders Tim and Dave.

  • Low Fees suitable for our industry.

Dave and Tim have worked across Melbourne’s hospitality industry for over 30 years (combined). With backgrounds in buying and selling alcohol, designing experiences and building relationships we have seen and done a lot.

We believe that is the equitable and easy way to buy and sell independent alcohol across Australia.

We are constantly improving and listening to our producers and customers to create an inclusive and honest place, to buy, sell and connect the best small Australian producers out there with the best of Australian Hospitality.


Dedicated wholesale marketplace.
  • Sell wholesale online easily
  • Connect with new customers
  • Build a one stop shop for customer information
  • Liquor license required
  • We manage everything from the transaction, delivery and getting paid. You make the booze!
Live portfolio
  • Offer an always-up-to-date portfolio
  • Select and change products available to retail and/or wholesale marketplaces.
  • See all account, shipping, and order details for all your customers in one place.
  • Communicate directly with customers.
Producer portal access to full product listPRODUCER PORTAL - PRODUCT PORTFOLIO


Logistics - Software

  • Carton Cloud Partnership - Warehouse managment system
  • Picking/Packing slips created to be fulfilled
  • Proof of Delivery available
  • $5,000 of insurance included with each delivery, extra insurance can be purcahsed.
  • IProducer portals to place off platform orders
  • Invoices with payment terms are generated and sent to wholesale buyers

Logistics - Storage and Shipping

  • Keep your products where you choose
  • Melbourne and Brisbane warehouse available to help reduce last-metre shipping costs
  • Order fulfillment including gift-wrapping and value-add promotions
  • Transparent flat-rate shipping
  • Personal service and follow-ups
  • Bulk shipping discounts
The producer has access to all invoices within their own portalPRODUCER PORTAL - ORDER MANAGEMENT


Wholesale orders may be processed with card payments, apple pay or trading terms. This means customers get the choice on how to pay.

  • trading terms are 28 days on our end
  • Payments are made to producers after 28 days on a fortnightly basis and only once receeved by
  • THis means you should recieve payment for invoices from sauced between 28 and 42 days after the order date, as long as the customer has paid.
  • Risk is shared between the producer and, we do not take final liability for debt.
  • We believe the best way to ensure payment is to have a robust marketplace, customers are not only paying you, they are paying many others. This ensures transparency for all customers and producers.
  • Customer Accounts are suspended and all producers (site wide) are notified if non-payment occurs.