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2020 Fruit Peddler Shiraz

2020 Fruit Peddler Shiraz

Alice L'Estrange 2019 'Perro Negro' Pais

by Strange Grapes View producer profile


100% Pais from Bio Bio - my only Bio Bio wine. Skins ferment, pressed at two weeks. Two barriques. Min So2 after malo and none thereafter (bottled with 19ppm total and 5 free). Mixed alluvial soils on granite. 10.8% alc. Hand bottled (syphon and jug). Made this wine from Roberto Henriquez' vineyard while working vintage for him. The vineyard dog is Black Dog - there' a story behind him.

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Strange Grapes 2019 'Perro Negro' Barrique No. 2

In 2019 I worked vintage for Roberto Henriquez (everyone's hero) and he generously helped me with the logistics of making my wines. He also gave me some grapes from his newly purchased vineyard in Bio Bio. The old couple finally left just before vintage. They left their dog, who had been beaten his whole life and tied up on a chain literally all day long, never set free. With love and care, Roberto eventually got close enough to take off his chain. Very slowly, and with some violent outbursts, Negro became himself again and accompanied us all vintage. He's a changed being. Black Dog is depression, Negro came out the other side ok.

Mike Bennie, The Wine Front, 19/01/21

Juicy, unadorned red of sour-sweet berry fruit characters, that sense of ˜white strawberries', licks of gummy tannin. Very transparent, very refreshing as a red, also, very light, and yet the wine tightens on that smudge of light tannin. An excellent expression, understated and so very easy to drink. 93 points.

More Information
Wine Region Chile
Region - Detailed Bio Bio Valley
Liquor License 33776394 - 36159857
Occasion Sip
Wine Tags Exciting, Hand Harvested, Low Alcohol, Low Sulphur, Minimal Intervention, Natural, No Machines, Non-Certified Organic, Organic Practices, Sustainable Practices, Unfiltered, Unfined, Vegan, Weird, Womanmade
Year 2019
Body Light
Grape Variety Description 100% Pais
Size 750ml
ABV 10.8
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